Flame Tree - Hawaiirose Rarotonga 1999
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Norwegian page - letters written to a Norwegian paper

these pages are edited by jostein nyfløtt.  he and his family spent 4 mounths on a tropical pacific island.  therefor this is all about the cook islands, and first of all rarotonga...............

November 23rd:
Our suitcases stares at us, empty on the bed. Our adventure is over. For this time. We want to go back to Rarotonga. We are going back. But now we are heading home for Christmas, making two stops on our way; one in New Zealand and one in Thailand. So more experiences and excitements are ahead. But what this little friendly island has given us of memories and impressions will forever be with us.

October 99:
When we now can stroll along in white corral sand in a turquoise lagoon listening to the steady sound from the reef where the waves from the big Pacific are being squeezed from all their power; when we can float around in an aquarium of colorful fishes or hike in a jungle of wild hibiscus, we understand that this living is what we have dreamed about for several years. . 
Oda på Muri beach
Morningwalk on the Muri Beach, right down from the house we had the first three weeks.


From the wettest west part of Norway we are two families who have settled here from July until November 1999. Our plans for this travel have developed over several years, from far-out-dreams until we handed in our applications for leaves from our jobs, bought the tickets and headed west over the oceans. We had to save some money, had to find a house to stay in here, had to rent out our house at home, have somebody take care of our dog, sell our car. Then we had to take our children out of school, and arrange our little privet school here around our kitchen-table, in our house in Titikaveka.

For more then three month we have lived here, and we know we did right. All though the weather has been changing, and we have had more cloudy days than we had expected, the temperature in the lagoon is steady on about 26 C. Some days we have had more rain coming down from the clouds than from our sprinkling shower. Today we have four seasons in one day, said a guy how came by with a handful of bananas.

The bananas don’t taste like the ones we get at home. When they ripe on the trees they have a different sweetness. I had at least seven, Jon said when we wondered where all those bananas had gone. And the papaya. The one in the store at home only Randi liked, here we all love it, so tasteful and sweet. It is winter here on Rarotonga. The temperature is around 24 Celsius, a comfortable sommer for us coming from Norway. But we soon get spoiled. A little bit of wind and clouds, and we stay away from the beach.

It’s spring at Rarotonga. The temperature is about 26 C, very comfortable for us. And while you in Europe and USA are going towards winter, we are waiting for summer to come.